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Mi5 in Lakeville, Minnesota is my home gym and the location for many of my classes. Below you’ll find more information about the different classes I teach there and more information about how you can get started at my home gym today!


At Mi5, our bootcamp uses a mix of interval training which involves briefly pushing yourself beyond the upper end of your aerobic exercise zone with plyometrics, sprints, and full-body training. The combination of short intervals at maximum intensity and longer intervals with low to moderate intensity in between is proven to use more fat as fuel both during and post-workout.


At Mi5, our yoga is your yoga! Yoga tones both large and small muscles all over your body in balance with one another, while weight training isolates one muscle group at a time. Yoga poses require positions and orientations that engage our muscles and use our own body weight to achieve the same results as strength training.

Mi Boost

At Mi5, our one on one and small group training sessions are tailored to each individual’s needs, goals and abilities.


Our crossfit sessions are constantly varied with a focus on functional movements and high intensity performance. This innovative approach helps build a solid foundation while eliminating plateaus and increasing performance bench marks. During crossfit sessions, you will run, jump, squat, pull, and push your way through a fast, fun and safe workout that leads to quick results.


Mi5 Fitness in Lakeville offers a variety of ways you can join our classes. Contact us today for more information!

Best Value: 12 Month Contract
Unlimited for $150/month

6 Month, 2x a Week, Month to Month
6 Months for $165/month
2x a Week for $135/month
Month to Month for $185/month
Student Membership for $75/month

Punch Pass
10 Class for $165

Drop-In Rate
1 Class for $20

Open Gym
1 Month for $35

Make a lifestyle change today!