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IMG_2814.editedHi, I’m Kristin! My love of sports, nutrition, and fitness began at a very early age. I have been involved with competitive sports my whole life and have always loved being active and outdoors. I was with my dad at a routine check up to the doctor’s appointment when I asked for my first calorie and nutrition book (according to my family I was around age 5).

Physical fitness is just one of my passions. My love of a healthy lifestyle combines nutrition, cooking, grocery shopping as well as yoga. I work with clients to design meal plans and nutrition coaching for weight loss, sports performance, weight gain, hormone imbalances and even detox programs. I am a certified Metagenics Lifestyle Educator which helps truly design a lifestyle program that works for all shapes and sizes. I believe that the healing starts from the inside out.

I graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance with a minor in health and fitness promotions from the University of Tennessee at Martin. I was a four year Division 1 collegiate softball player and have been training for over 10 years. I hold nationally accredited certifications in nutrition, fitness and yoga. I hold my 200 hour YTT Life Power yoga certification and I took my passion a step further last summer. I embarked on a four week yoga/surf/soul searching trip to Costa Rica where I got to study under Sofia Thoms and practiced Ariel Yoga.

My nutrition philosophy is that there is no one size fits all. I am passionate about education, motivation and having a great experience. I want each person I interact with to 1) have a great time 2) learn something new and 3) get a great workout. I love to cook and work with clients on healthy grocery shopping. I offer an array of cooking classes from cooking for a family, healthy desserts, healthy food alternatives, you name it!

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A little more about my certifications and qualifications:

  • BS – Health and Human Performance from University of Tennessee at Martin
  • NASM – CPT
  • PN Certified-Precision Nutrition
  • Metagenics Lifestyle Educator
  • RKC Kettlebell Certified
  • RTY Yoga instructor
  • Ariel Yoga instructor
  • CrossFit -Level 1 Certified
  • Independent distributor 2561199 at Young Living Essential Oils

What Others Are Saying:

Since meeting with Kristin the success I have seen with my lifestyle changes is absolutely amazing. Not only have I lost weight, body fat and inches; she has taught me about how food works with my body and also how it does not. We have set new lifestyle goals and she is great at holding me accountable for attaining them. Kristin is not a “quick-fix” type of gal. She is about working towards lifestyle goals one step at at time to see continued success in health and fitness for her clients. This is why I feel like I have been so successful. I am not working towards a short term goal. The support and results I have been getting make all of the hard work worth it. In total I have lost 60 pounds and dropped my body fat from 40% to 28% in just a few short months. I cannot wait to see my results in up-coming months.

The pictures are 218 lbs (June 2014) & 170 lbs (April 2015)
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-Andrea Pomerleau

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